Founded in 2018, LangSys GmbH and Associates establishes and supports business relations between Swiss and Chinese small and medium-sized companies. It offers over 20 years of experience in Switzerland and China of the key persons in different industries and executive management positions ranging from joint strategy development and implementation, market entry and expansion, merger & acquisition (M&A) support, process development/ISO certification, management training, representation, etc.

After building up trust between the involved parties, LangSys GmbH helps with hands on support and guidance of the implementation teams. It will support its clients in their endeavour to develop business, reduce costs, manage risks and achieve tangible results in shorter transformation time.


  • Enhances business relations between Chinese and Swiss companies
  • Supports small and medium size companies from strategy change to implementation
  • Offers a network of specialists to lower risk and reduce costs
  • Realizes other potential business opportunities within the network